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Dealing with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming. If you are facing an arrest for a felony crime or being investigated by the New York City Police Department, you need to be aggressive and proactive in your efforts to protect your rights.

Crimes prosecuted under federal law involving the United States Attorney’s Office, FBI, or other federal government agencies mustn’t be taken lightly. The sooner you hire a New York criminal defense attorney, the greater the likelihood of a successful defense.

The Law Office of Adam Bolotin has a successful track record in criminal cases. Mr. Bolotin helped secure a not guilty verdict in a triple homicide case, obtained dismissal of all charges for a client accused of possessing more than 54 kilograms of cocaine, and had the Governor sign a Pardon, thus vacating all his client’s prior convictions. These are just some of the incredible results Mr. Bolotin has achieved on the behalf of his clients.

If you need a New York criminal lawyer who won’t back down from a fight, make sure you contact The Law Office of Adam Bolotin.

The Highest of Stakes: Fighting Criminal Allegations

Being involved in a criminal case in New York can cause serious and long-lasting consequences which can change the course of your life. Whether you are facing criminal charges for a misdemeanor or a felony, it is not something you should be going through alone without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

While a misdemeanor conviction is not as severe as a felony, it is still a criminal conviction that carries potential jail time, fines, and other consequences. Even without being convicted, you can find yourself incarcerated at Rikers Island, a notorious jail for chronic violence and staffing issues, for months as you wait for your case to work its way through the system.

Facing federal criminal charges is even more serious and requires the help of a criminal defense lawyer knowledgeable in both federal and state laws. Procedures in federal courts are different than those in state courts, and defendants can face harsher penalties.

How Do I Get My Criminal Case Dismissed in NY?

Getting a criminal case dismissed in NY requires a robust and experienced criminal defense lawyer since each case must be treated individually.

Those convicted of criminal wrongdoing will face the possibility of a lifelong criminal record that can severely impact their ability to hold on to a job, find an apartment, and even ruin their social reputation. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an NYC criminal defense attorney who can apply their extensive experience to all criminal cases, aiming to have charges reduced or even dismissed.

For years, we at The Law Office of Adam Bolotin have been focused on criminal defense for individuals charged with serious felonies in state and federal courts throughout the country. Whether you are charged with murder, drug crimes, gun crimes, violent felonies, or sex crimes do not hesitate to reach out to us. Mr. Bolotin will fight for you no matter the charge.

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What To Do If Contacted by the Police

We can all say that we will never commit a crime. But no one can guarantee they will never be accused of committing one.

Good people end up in bad situations. Don’t make the situation worse by going at it alone.

If you or a loved one have been contacted by the police, don’t hesitate, call Mr. Bolotin immediately and get the representation you deserve.

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Call to ask any question

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A Plea Is The Last Option, Not The First

Pleading guilty should be the last option, not the first. Some lawyers are too eager to negotiate with the prosecution. Mr. Bolotin is not that lawyer.

Mr. Bolotin begins every case with the mindset that he can beat the case and win your freedom outright. As Mr. Bolotin reviews the evidence, he develops carefully crafted defenses that incorporate sophisticated pretrial motions to suppress and compelling trial strategies. Mr. Bolotin will aggressively defend your rights and only considers negotiating pleas as a last resort.

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