Drug Cases

Drug Charges

Fighting Drug Cases in Federal and State Court

Facing drug charges in federal and state court can be scary for many reasons. Though society has evolved, prosecutors continue to wage “The War on Drugs,” and those charged with drug offenses still face years in prison if convicted.

Adam Bolotin is an experienced, aggressive, result orientated criminal defense attorney who specializes in fighting drug charges. He has a wealth of knowledge and will do everything he can to secure your freedom whether you’re charged in federal or state Court.

Caught Red Handed

More often than not, those facing drug charges may feel there is no hope because they were “caught red handed”. Prosecutors and police officers love making you feel that Way.

In reality, no case is open and shut. The way the law enforcement discovered the evidence against you can result in all incriminating evidence being thrown out and your entire case being dismissed.

Importantly, law enforcement must obtain the evidence without violating your Fourth Amendment Rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. If the police did not have probable cause to stop or search you, entered your home without a warrant, or lied on their application for the search warrant, the prosecutor’s case has serious problems.

Experience Matters

Having specialized in drug cases for years, Mr. Bolotin knows exactly how to uncover flaws like these. Adam has an exacting eye and takes great care to uncover any violations of your rights. He never takes police officers or prosecutors at their word and will never back away from challenging the claimed basis for the stop, search, and seizure of evidence. Adam Bolotin’s tenaciousness has led to suppression of evidence in countless cases in both federal and state courts.

Mr. Bolotin fights all types of drug charges including:

  • Federal Manufacturing, Distributing, and Dispensing: 21 U.S.C. § 841
  • Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance: N.Y. Penal Law § 220.43
  • Manufacture or Delivery or Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Deliver
    a Controlled Substance: 720 ILCS 570.401
  • Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance: N.Y. Penal Law § 220.21;
    720 ILCS 570/402

Regardless of the specific charge Mr. Bolotin will vigorously defend your rights and see you through the entire process.

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If you or a loved one are facing drug charges, whether in federal or state court, do not believe for a second there is no hope. Adam Bolotin is an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will expose every hole the prosecutor’s case. Call NY: (646) 368-8688 | CH: (312) 626-2602  or click here to schedule a free consultation.