Defending the Most Serious Accusation

There is no charge more daunting than Murder. Unlike other felony offenses, plea deals are rarely extended. Those that are, are often life sentences that are never worth taking.

When a plea is not an option, and your back is up against the wall you need a lawyer ready to fight back. You need Adam Bolotin.

Leveling the Playing Field

Though you are presumed innocent, as soon as the judge, the jury, and the public for that matter hears the prosecutor accuse you of Murder, know that you are facing the steepest uphill battle our justice system has to offer. Mr. Bolotin knows what it takes to level the playing field and get you to the top of that mountain.

With years of experience defending Murders of all degrees, Mr. Bolotin has seen the most serious accusations crumble right before the trier of fact’s eyes.

No Case is Invincible

Mr. Bolotin is known for taking the toughest cases and fighting them head-on. While the prosecutor, law enforcement, and media may claim the case is solid, no case is invincible.

Mr. Bolotin will mount an aggressive attack on your behalf. He will challenge the prosecution’s witness’ credibility,  fight law enforcement’s purported “scientific evidence,” including including ballistic experts, Shot-Spotter, DNA experts and other forensic experts, and do everything in his power to blow holes into the prosecution’s theory.

Facing Murder Charges? Contact Adam Bolotin Today.

If you or a loved one are charged with Murder, do not believe for a second there is no hope. Adam Bolotin is an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will expose every hole the prosecutor’s case. Call NY: (646) 368-8688 | CHI: (312) 626-2602  or click here to schedule a free consultation.