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People v. F.H.


Triple Homicide

F.H. was charged with shooting three men as they sat in their cars. At trial, the state called a woman who claimed to have driven F.H. to purchase marijuana from the men. The woman testified that when she stopped to let F.H. out to buy the weed, F.H. suddenly started shooting the men.

Mr. Bolotin worked on F.H.’s defense team and helped identified glaring holes in the woman’s story. First, the woman testified for the state in exchange for not only full immunity for her, but also in exchange for light sentences for her boyfriend who faced multiple charges in unrelated cases.

Second, the evidence clearly contradicted the woman’s account. While she claimed F.H. committed the shooting, 3 separate types of shell casings were found at the scene.

Finally, the woman’s description of how she parked the vehicle immediately before the shooting did not add up. The woman claimed she parked between the men’s vehicles, watched F.H. get out of her car, fire shots into both vehicles, and then drove F.H. away without backing up or turning around. Crime scene photos showed it would have been impossible for the woman to park in between the vehicles, let alone leave without having to turn her vehicle around as the cars were parked at a dead-end.

After the close of the state’s evidence, F.H. was found Not Guilty!

Adam Bolotin

Adam Bolotin

Adam Bolotin is an aggressive criminal defense attorney, representing clients in all 5 of New York City's Boroughs, Chicago, Illinois, and nationwide. Mr. Bolotin has won numerous not guilty verdicts, suppressed incriminating evidence, and argued successful appeals. Mr. Bolotin takes immense personal pride in standing up to prosecutors, police officers, or anyone who comes between his clients and their freedom. If you are a loved one are facing serious criminal charges, don't hesitate, contact Adam today!

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