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People v. A.B.


First Degree Murder
Faced Life in Prison. Reduced to Involuntarily Manslaughter.

A.B. was charged with First Degree Murder -the most severe type of murder under the law. A.B. faced life in prison if convicted. The prosecution, however, had all their ‘facts’ completely mixed up.

While the evidence, if believed, showed A.B. was responsible for the death, Mr. Bolotin convinced the prosecution the evidence showed nothing more than a horrifically tragic accident. After much back and forth, the state offered to reduce the First Degree Murder charge to Involuntarily Manslaughter with an agreed sentence of 3 years in prison. It was an offer A.B. could not refuse.

Adam Bolotin

Adam Bolotin

Adam Bolotin is an aggressive criminal defense attorney, representing clients in all 5 of New York City's Boroughs, Chicago, Illinois, and nationwide. Mr. Bolotin has won numerous not guilty verdicts, suppressed incriminating evidence, and argued successful appeals. Mr. Bolotin takes immense personal pride in standing up to prosecutors, police officers, or anyone who comes between his clients and their freedom. If you are a loved one are facing serious criminal charges, don't hesitate, contact Adam today!

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